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When creating a stylish, unique ensemble inside a house or on its facade, one cannot do without details that focus attention on certain components of the decoration. It is stucco that plays the leading role in this difficult, but certainly win-win business. The most in demand today are cornices , moldings , columns , window frames , window sills and other Prestige Decor elements that can be used to decorate the surface of walls. In addition to its decorative purpose, stucco molding does an excellent job of practical function . For example, molding on the wall surface can hide architectural mistakes and also visually correct the shape of the room. In addition to the use of stucco molding from this manufacturer by ordinary customers, the Prestige Decor company has been actively cooperating for a long time with the authors of numerous interesting, including very complex, design projects. In the hands of a master, or even a simple person, far from the intricacies of design art, these products will help make any home even more unique and attractive.

Prestige Decor on the facade of the cottage

This company specializes in the production of polystyrene foam products with the addition of granite chips. Also presented to the buyer are similar cheaper models, but without added impurities. In any case, no matter what option you choose, all stucco molding is distinguished by increased density , immunity to mechanical damage and adverse environmental factors, and, most importantly, an affordable price . A carefully thought-out composition allows you to safely count on trouble-free installation, and even the possibility of adjusting the project design. Only Prestige Decor stucco molding allows you to create a stylish faade that blends perfectly with the surrounding space.

Considering the steadily growing demand for stucco molding from this manufacturer, you need to focus on its advantages :
— Relatively low weight guarantees simple and quick installation;
— In addition to amazing reliability and durability , this stucco molding shows good thermal insulation qualities ;
A responsible approach to production allows us to safely count on the precise fit of all components of the ensemble.

Decorating the facade of a private house using Prestige Decor

High-quality mineral components of Prestige Decor stucco molding guarantee reliable adhesion to any surface . This is also the key to successful use over time. The granite coating allows the subsequent application of plaster or paints.

It doesn’t matter at all whether you choose Prestige Decor stucco without granite coating or a little more expensive with granite chips, the prices for the models presented in our store are affordable for consumers with a wide range of income levels.

You can find the full current range on our website, as well as from the official representative in Ukraine:


Turn your private home into a royal palace with Prestige Decor stucco moldings!

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